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Our Programs

Pre-school Prep classes

Instilling cinfidence in future classrooms
120 minutes per day
2-3 days per week

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Little Ivies Playgroup

ages 6 months-18 months (adult accompanied) 
120 minutes of structured play classes encouraging socialization, exploration, laughter and movement with other babies in a safe clean environment. Classes include art, storytime, finger play, bubbles. 

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Little Ivies preschool prep:

ages 18 months-36months (adult accompanied) 
120 minutes. This class is carefully designed for children's first school experience,introducing them to preschool lessons and classroom etiquette through language, math, sensorial and practical life lessons. We meet each child where they are and facilate a gentle process catered to meet the needs of each child. A predicatble routine and daily structure lays the foundation for your little ones, instilling confidence in future classrooms. Classes are led by certified teachers and are specifically designed to help your little one seamlessly advance to drop off pre-schools.

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